Welcome to the Gallery Climate Coalition (GCC) 


The goal of the GCC is to facilitate a greener and more sustainable art world. Our aim is to provide guidelines and the necessary resources so that we can collectively reduce our carbon footprint by a minimum of 50% over the next ten years (in line with the Paris Agreement), as well as promoting near zero-waste practices. 


This website will contain information on shipping and travelling, packaging, energy and building management, recycling, and more. The content will be revised and continually updated. 


Central to our ambitions is a robust carbon calculator specifically tailored to our industry, which will allow users to regularly determine and monitor their carbon footprint. This tool will be freely available for use by GCC members.


As well as these practical tools and advice, the GCC understands that the effects, causes, and mitigation of climate crisis disproportionately affects marginalised communities. Given that socio-economic injustice and the environmental crisis are deeply entwined, it is essential for us to address both issues in tandem. Going forward, the GCC will be proactive in these conversations, particularly where they intersect with the arts.


We believe we can be more effective and bring about greater change if we work together to form a coalition of active members from across the art world.  The GCC and this website originated in London, but we are open to everyone and we aim to be joined by galleries, institutions, suppliers, art workers and artists from all over the world. We are in contact with parallel initiatives in other countries and hope to collaborate closely with them moving forward. 


The GCC is a not-for-profit organisation supported by voluntary donations and in-kind support from its members.


GCC members will:

  •  Commit to an annual carbon audit.
  •   Commit to implement real and measurable changes in operations to reduce emissions in line with GCC’s carbon targets and guidelines.  
  •   Recognise and work towards mitigating embedded climate injustice.
  •   Reduce waste in all aspects of business.
  • Consider donating to companies committed to systemic change 


In turn, GCC endeavours to:

  • Provide extensively researched and scientifically reliable information and advice.
  • Leverage our members and community to lobby for industry-wide systemic change.
  • Support an active community for sharing ideas and expertise.
  •  Arrange events and webinars on a range of topics.
  • Commission industry specific reports and innovative research. 


Gallery Climate Coalition founding team: 

Thomas Dane & Heath Lowndes (Thomas Dane Gallery)

Sadie Coles & Lilly Daniell (Sadie Coles HQ)

Kate MacGarry & Morenike Adeagbo (Kate MacGarry Gallery)

Greg Hilty & Juyoung Yoon (Lisson Gallery)

Matthew Slotover & Victoria Siddall (Frieze)

Peter Chater (Artlogic)

Louisa Buck (journalist and broadcaster)

Daisy Garnett (journalist) 

Ray O’Meara & Victor Robyn (designers, A New Archive)

Richard Scott (Scott & Co)


Environmental Advisors:

Environmental Policy Advisor: Dr. Harris Kuemmerle

Carbon Footprint Consultant: Danny Chivers


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